Company Information

Company Information

Company Information


The Most Market Relevant and Owner-Centric Hospitality Company 


With more than six decades of combined extensive experience in successful hotel management strategies and franchise operation, River Rock Hotels & Resorts systematically combines multiple tools and objectives to adapt the hotel operation to current market conditions.

Recognized as a “white label” operator, manage hotels on behalf of our owners for a specific time and a specific fee, the company operates behind the scenes, leveraging strong brands. Currently, with several international hotels in operation, we are pursuing a goal of further global growth, introducing comprehensive standard operating procedures.

Our key strenghts :

Market Relevance- Being accustomed of the industry and geographical trends, market dynamics, customer and guest preferences allow us to stay ahead of the competition within the regions we operate and makes us the most market relevant company in the industry. Our deep understanding of market trends help us to anticipate and mitigate risks, ensuring long term stability and profitibalitiy of hotels we manage on behalf of our owners.

Owner-Centric Approach - Our primary focus is on delivering value, tailoring strategies and services to meet the specific needs and goals of the hotel owners. Our centric approach combined with our expertise in local markets lead to higher level of satisfaction among hotel owners resulting in higher than average returns to the owners. Our unique combination of market relevance and owner-centric approach makes us a valuable and trusted partner which leads to a long term success and growth. 

                Undestanding the RR Theme


We have created a “RR” theme for Hotels branded and recognized by the River Rock world of Hotels. Each hotel will be unique and branded by location and display a consistent approach matching and mirroring the River Rock feel and lifestyle. Each colour indicates the theme and the style of the Hotel.


RR Theme helps guests easily identify and connect with the specific atmosphere and experience they desire when choosing a River Rock hotel. We offer a tailored and authentic stay for our clients who seek both familiarity and the charm of a particular location.


To provide our partners with maximum return on their assets by delivering innovative and bold hospitality services to our clients across key destinations.


To become a first-choice Management Company for all stakeholders via our bespoke service offerings.

Integrity, Ingenuity, Inquisitiveness, Intrepidness, and Innate Authenticity.