Forthcoming Projects

Forthcoming Projects

Forthcoming Projects






River Rock Hotels & Resorts brings a wealth of experience in the fields of hotel management strategies and franchise operation.

Our approach is marked by a systematic integration of various tools and objectives to effectively align our hotel operations with the ever-evolving market conditions.

Our vision is oriented towards achieving global expansion while implementing comprehensive standard operating procedures.





1- RRH&R Kabardinka Resort, SPA and Villas, Russia : 5-Star Resort with SPA and Villas built on 60.000 sqm approximately opening 2027


2- RRH&R Tonkiy Mys Health Resort, Russia : 5-Star Health Resort built in 90.000 sqm approximately opening 2027


3- RRH&R Arkhyz Mountain Ski & SPA Resort, Russia : 5-Star Mountain resort and residences built in 100.000 sqm approximately opening 2027


4- RRH&R Dombay : 5-Star Lodge built in 1800 sqm approximately opening 2026


5- RRH&R Yessentuki Thermal Resort & SPA, Russia : 5-Star health resort and residences with villas built in 60.000 sqm approximately opening 2028


6- RRH&R Sakhalin İsland, Russia : 5-Star resort and apartment built on 1.000.000 sqm approximately opening 2028