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River Rock Hotels

About Us

Welcome to the dawning of a new era in Hotel Management.

There’s a paradigm shift in the way consumers perceive value, and we aim to meet these needs with ahead-of-the curve product and service offerings.

We are a hotel company that delivers contemporary hospitality solutions for discerning travelers who know exactly what they want in their lifestyle. Our hotels are no-frills, and a la carte, with a selection menu of lifestyle choices and amenities to match guests’ stay, mood, and desires. Our beautifully designed guest rooms, interactive and integrated lobbies, lounges, living rooms, multi-functional workplaces, marketplaces, and F&B options are tailored to the guest and crafted by River Rock’s signature touches.

About Us



As a continuation of our celebration of life and vitality in our lifestyle hotel concept, we want to ensure that all our rooms and common areas are filled to the brim with natural light and are designed and engineered in such a way to maximize ...



As a lifestyle brand we want to bring rich integrated experiences to guests. By replicating the old village square model, we have adapted and modernized it to incorporate it into a hotel. The old village square was a place where people could ...



We have put beds in focus in our hotels. After thorough research, the market has dictated time and time again that the bed is the center of the room. Long gone are the days of separate work desks, and dining tables. Guests are starting to dine, ...



State of the art technology is vital to attracting our target market base (20s - 40s), gen X and gen Y. Our thorough research has shown that technology, while vital must be integrative. In other words…. present, easy to use but out of the ...